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For a long time Australia and New Zealand were playing catch up with much of the western world when it came to Internet speeds. Thankfully, this period appears to be coming to an end with an increase in the quality of broadband being offered across both countries, with faster speeds allowing the general public to download music and video faster than ever before as well as make VoIP calls.

Unlike most other online activities, like those mentioned above, as well as general browsing, or shopping for instance, VoIP calls simply don't function with a low Internet connection. You can browse web page after web page, and (with patience) watch as much video as you like over a slow connection, but when it comes to making calls over the Internet, you really do need to the fastest speeds available in order to make a call of any real quality. There have been many a misunderstanding take place over VoIP calls because one or more recipient was calling over a slower Internet speed; a problem which has been entirely eliminated thanks to the new, fibre, options available across Australia and New Zealand.

Let the Conversation Flow

The great thing about using VoIP technology to make calls over a fast Internet connection is you can save a significant amount of money over making traditional phone calls, especially if you're calling over seas, and if you are calling from one VoIP number to another often times the call will be completely free altogether, allowing you to talk for hours at a time to friends or family halfway around the world without at any time having to worry about the cost. When looking to purchase fibre broadband it's important to note that the area in which you live must first be set up to receive it (as unlike some other forms of Internet, it requires underground cables to be laid), therefore this is absolutely the first thing you should look up before you go any further so to avoid disappointment.

Once you've confirmed you can, in fact, receive these faster Internet speeds it's time to choose a VoIP service in which to make your calls from. The service you choose will depend on a number of things, including who you plan on calling (and where in the world they live), how often you intend on calling them, and how often, on a monthly basis, you plan on using the service in general. Think about the following when choosing the perfect service to compliment your fast Internet speeds:

Will you be using your VoIP service for business calls, or just for pleasure: If you plan on using any service such as this for calling businesses both nationally and internationally you should make a point to find the most reliable Internet provider and call provider around.

Do you need an easy-to-use interface, or will you be able to work with a more technical design: Depending on your experiences with technical interfaces you may wish to navigate either an easier to understand design, or one which offers you a great number of options in lieu of a slick design.

In summary, faster broadband speeds are making VoIP services even more accessible for general public use, allowing you to make cheap (and sometimes free) calls both nationally and internationally straight from your computer.

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